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Unipathic Medicine is Not Controlled by the Pharma Model

The Unipathic model outperforms the conventional drug model every time when it comes to chronic disease and cancer. Going directly from disease to drug, or x disease to y treatment, is an outdated method and not nearly as helpful as more personalized care, in our opinion. As a result, Unipathic Medicine treatments are integrated from start to finish with state of the art testing and targeted treatments, all personalized for each patient. Aggressive intravenous therapy is used, which comes at the disease in a very targeted way but from multiple aspects. This therapy is constructed from the “medical blueprint” which is found by analyzing unique genetic and environmental factors that influence patients. Only through mapping this medical blueprint does true healing take place in hard to beat diseases such as cancer and chronic diseases in general.

Pharmaceutical use in America is rampant. Consider the facts as presented on Web MD, “Nearly half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug on a regular basis, and they have concerns ranging from economics to safety to whether the doctor prescribing the drug is unduly influenced by pharmaceutical companies, according to a new poll.” At Unipathic Medicine you don’t have to worry about over influence from Pharma; we utilize Pharma but are not controlled by it. Instead of going automatically from disease to protocol (drug administered) we identify disease, test for epigenetics (genetic factors that influence disease) and then move onto treatment, non-toxic first, toxic if needed. This is based not on the name of the disease but treating it comprehensively based on analyzing each patient’s own unique expression of disease (medical blueprint).

Unipathic Medicine design is handcrafted, which may take longer than the conventional system, but patients need the superior attention to detail that Unipathic Medicine provides for them. The clinical model that is needed for personalized medicine is based on laboratory findings – not following blind protocol and using drug after drug to see which one works best. Taking the time to dig for that deeper diagnosis pays off. In fact, every patient deserves a deeper in-depth diagnosis and a treatment plan to match.

According to Tod Cooperman, MD and President of Consumer lab.com, “More than 80% of the drugs we take in the US are now generic versions of brand name medications.” Instead of drugs, we urge you Unipathic patients and physicians are urged to try the route of personalized, patient centered care, where treatments are almost always different and unique. While the Affordable Care Act is moving for a cheaper and faster way to treat the masses while consolidating doctors and herding them into larger hospitals, Unipathic Medicine is doing just the opposite. Our type of medicine implements a more personalized, highly tailored method while using some of the best technologies from around the world to help our patients receive better care from physicians. If you have any questions about Unipathic Medicine, feel free to contact us.


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January 25, 2017

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