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The Term “Integrative” is Misleading Patients

There are so many practitioners and types of integrative medicine. From private practitioners, to acupuncture and Reiki, all of the information and treatments out there can be very misleading to patients. Unipathic Medicine provides the gold standard for integrative medicine and defines it as a highly personalized and detailed approach that unifies the best forms of all disciplines: allopathy, osteopathy, and naturopathy. At Unipathic Medicine the best of scientific evidence based healthcare and technology is given to physicians and this in turn allows patients to receive true integrative care.

Ken Alltucker, author of the article, “Integrative medicine is growing in popularity,” reveals that “Integrative medicine is a difficult field to define because there are no professional licensing boards or professional certification agencies.” The absence of certifications is very dangerous because it leaves room for potentially harmful and sometimes subpar treatment. Because of this, Unipathic Medicine established guidelines and infrastructure on how integrative medicine should be practiced, as well as quality control measures. Unipathic Medicine has a dedication to providing patients with the latest technologies and innovations in medicine from around the world to create a targeted “medical blueprint” that is a uniquely personalized treatment plan for each cancer and chronic disease patient. Anyone can be considered integrative medicine, but only a select few can be considered Unipathic. Why? The answer is simple, we have the technology and training to provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan to patients, which in is missing in health care today.

To think that all integrative medicine is considered equal is a grave mistake. A factor of why integrative medicine is so confusing is the disparity when it comes to training and quality control. For instance, “Other doctors say they use integrative techniques in their practice, even without formal fellowship training” (1). This is wrong and should not be happening. When it comes to quality control you must have the staff, clinic, resources and training in place in order to effectively treat patients; not having this in place is severely detrimental to healing. Training must be top notch to ensure that patients are being well cared for. In addition, the Unipathic Medicine priority is to find out what is ailing the patient and we use every means necessary including and not limited to: advanced diagnostics, thorough testing, and analyzing medical history. If you want to learn more about Unipathic Medicine, please contact us.


[1] Alltucker, Ken. “Integrative medicine is growing in popularity.” The Republic. Jan 3, 2013. http://archive.azcentral.com/healthyliving/articles/20121227integrative-medicine-whole-body-healing-alternative-therapies.html
January 25, 2017

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