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Patients Being Ignored – Unipathic’s Shift for Improvement

Patients are being ignored by the conventional medical system, which is not equipped to provide personalized and multifaceted high tech medicine for cancer and chronic diseases; and Unipathic Medicine opposes this. According to Qualitative Health Research, patients that refused standard treatment for cancer were looked upon with confusion or contempt by some physicians. These patients, many times, were simply realizing that traditional cancer treatments can be lacking and not worth the money or trouble. Chemotherapy, for instance, is only 3% effective for late stage and complex cancers; something many people do not know. Depending on the stage and complexity of a disease, the conventional system of treatment many times falls short and is simply moving patients to management of the disease instead of removal. That ultimately means cures and healing are out of the picture but palliative care is now the standard. Along with ObamaCare, this has led to the idea that being cost effective is the most efficient route. This is truly an outrage, when human life is viewed as a commodity. Unipathic Medicine functions on the understanding that two people with the same “named” disease have a completely different disease when tested and treated in a highly personalized manner. In the Unipathic framework, each life is precious and unrepeatable. Healing starts for patients when this is the philosophy of the doctors and a medical system is in place that works at the highest level to provide care. When a patient is treated like a commodity without full dignity, many times they find Unipathic Medicine. This is in large part due to patients seeking a unified medical system that provides the best options from around the world using the best disciplines to help them.


The VA scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.


We recognize that cancer diagnosis is not as cut and dry as some might think, and that it requires a unique medical blue print and personalized treatment. The patients we consider ignored are typically people that don’t have success with traditional medicine, or do not choose standard treatment and as a result are classified as incurable or difficult by physicians. Unipathic Medicine takes a unique view of how treatment needs to be administered and uses the best combinations of medicine found throughout the world while seeking to give many previously ignored patients the most detailed diagnosis and treatments there are to offer. Here is a look at the basics of Unipathic Medicine.

It all starts with testing. Our testing is highly detailed, top notch and features some of the most highly technological diagnostics in the cancer/chronic disease industry. Next, there comes the Unipathic Medical Blueprint, which analyzes a patient’s biogenetic makeup, medical history and susceptibilities to disease (epigenetics) on a case to case basis. Upon close analysis of the medical blueprint, we move onto the last part of our method, which is the construction of treatment. Unipathic Medicine provides both natural medicine and traditional modes such as chemotherapy, and patients in turn find great success using our methods. The deeper diagnosis and personalized touch we provide truly makes all the difference. Unipathic practitioners call this the future of medicine.

The conventional route has extensive technology and financial backing but it approaches medicine more like a large corporation backed by pharma and the patient many times gets lost in the system or just plain ignored. With Unipathic Medicine our pledge is to never let the patient fall by the wayside of an overinflated and overpopulated medical system. Addressing every individual patient’s unique diagnostics and emotional needs is our prime priority. Unipathic Medicine approaches cancer and chronic disease as a complex puzzle which allows for a proper diagnosis and a higher level of treatment to be performed by our physicians. If you have any questions, please contact us.


[1] Madjar I, Kacen L, Ariad S et al. “Telling their stories, telling our stories: Physicians’ experiences with patients who decide to forgo or stop treatment for cancer.” Qualitative Health Research 2007;17: 428–441.
January 25, 2017

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