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Medical Management is Crucial For Patient Wellness

Medical management is crucial for patient wellness and it can make or break a medical facility. Having said this, Unipathic Medicine provides organized health care at every level. All the staff in our medical facilities, from the doctors, to the nurses, to the clinic manager, are well trained to deliver the highest level of care. Recently, hospitals have been under-performing. According to Forbes, “Patient satisfaction with hospitals is declining.” Much of this is attributed to lengthy wait times, which we will cover more in depth below. Another possible explanation for the declining satisfaction with hospitals can be attributed to falling into a pitfall where management is not where it needs to be. When it comes to medical management, we have found it’s not simply about doctors knowing medicine but the entire medical team and staff being like-minded with a radical love and care philosophy. Everyone who practices Unipathic Medicine must understand business and clinical care and deliver this in a patient centered way (where the patient comes first).

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which was used for the Forbes assertion of declining hospital satisfaction, “Inpatient hospital care shows marginal improvement, but waning satisfaction with outpatient services and lengthy emergency room wait times put downward pressure on overall patient satisfaction with hospitals.” (2) Long wait times are inherent in the hospital system because there are so many people who use the conventional model of healthcare. Unipathic Medicine operates under the premise that smaller, more efficient, and personalized clinics are the wave of the future for cancer and chronic disease in particular, where patients require an in-depth diagnosis and much more attention to detail. This mode of healthcare features the highest level of personalization and a compassionate staff, including more specialization when it comes to chronic disease and cancer.

There is power in facilitating healing through a healing environment and a healing team. Many times in hospitals or large cancer centers, patients can feel like a number. Sometimes, a smaller more personalized clinic is the answer. Healthcare is a service industry. It could be nurses, billing, etc., that a patient comes into contact with. This is where training comes in. Not the general type of training that you learn in school, but the training that comes from a deep interaction with patients, learning their special needs and how to make the patient feel like their needs are being met accordingly. Patients do not want to be waiting in line for an impersonal doctor visit and a quick drug prescription.

Unipathic Medicine delves into a deeper diagnosis which is so crucial for chronic disease and cancer. All this is achieved by having the right medical management and medically trained staff to help patients receive what they need. Focusing on maintaining a radical loving care environment makes the healing process a fantastic experience for patients. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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January 25, 2017

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