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A Critical International Approach to Cancer and Chronic Disease

Patients suffering from cancer and chronic disease want the best technologies from around the world, and a system that unifies the best of medicine. The current model being more focused on generalized care instead of personalization has opened the door to Unipathic Medicine. A new international model for healthcare is needed and Unipathic Medicine takes full advantage of this for specialized cases of cancer and chronic disease to make sure the best blend of integrative medicine from all over the world is combined and accessible to patients with excellent quality control. Unipathic Medicine has the ability to design cost effective modular healthcare systems anywhere in the world from tried and true methods. When compared to insurance it is more cost effective and doesn’t have the same limitation that insurance has, which is the lack of personalization when it comes to medicine. Unipathic Medicine is not just for Canadians and Americans, it is the preferred global healthcare model because it provides the best of all disciplines located in one central place. Acute medicine found in the emergency route is horrible for complex cancer and chronic disease. A more detailed and specialized form of medicine is best in these cases.

Consider the medical landscape in the United States. According to the Economist, “America’s health-care system is the costliest in the world, gobbling up about 16% of the country’s economic output. Comparisons with other rich countries and within the United States show that its system is not only growing at an unsustainable pace, but also provides questionable value for money and dubious medical care.” When compared to the rest of the world, American healthcare might have the most money spent but it is not a leader in the field. That being said, it is not all bad news for American healthcare. Unipathic Medicine has many patients from all over the world that need US technology for the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. Conversely, many doctors that travel outside the US for conferences share how frustrating it is not to have the same care available here. The beauty of Unipathic Medicine is that it unifies the best medicine from all over the world.

What stands out most about Unipathic Medicine is how it is handcrafted to each individual patient. The conventional system, in comparison, likes to mass produce because there is more profit in the pharmaceutical model. Unipathic Medicine goes deeper into what is causing cancer and chronic disease and analyzes the biomarkers, genomic and environmental factors that are affecting patients. It doesn’t stop there, however. Tailoring each treatment to the patient like a close fitting suit, Unipathic Medicine ensures the proper quality control in its every facility. Unipathic Medicine truly goes above and beyond to ensure that patients receive the best personalized treatments from all over the world, all accessed in a state of the art medical clinic. If you want more information on about this remarkable and powerful type of medicine, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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January 25, 2017

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