Unipathic Quality of Life Integrative Practice of Medicine IRB

The Unipathic IRB Criteria:

  • Treatments must show efficacy in peer-reviewed published data.
  • Treatments must demonstrate safety for patients.
  • Treatments must be medically ethical.
  • Treatments must be in compliance with FDA Guideline for compounding.

The purpose of the Unipathic Quality of Life Integrative Practice of Medicine IRB is to review and approve CME (continuing medical education) classes and treatment modalities for the safe and viable practice of personalized integrative medicine. The CME’s, diagnostics, treatments, therapies and modalities that are considered and ultimately approved are based on the criteria set forth by this IRB are as follows; efficacy of peer reviewed literature, patient safety and moral medical ethics. Only the medical educational materials, curriculum, modalities, treatments and therapies in the practice of personalized integrative medicine that clearly demonstrate these criteria set forth by this IRB will be considered for both education and practice of integrative medicine. This IRB will not review or approve drug studies involved in the approval process of institutional new drug applications (INDs), new devices or unapproved drugs. In addition, all courses and treatment modalities approved will be in full compliance with current laws governing FDA Guidance for Compounding practices. This IRB will be focused on patient safety and supportive scientific data that may help patients increase their options to receive personalized integrative medicine. The goal of this IRB is to help improve the quality of life for patients via personalized integrative medical education provided by trained health care professional, review treatment options and support the access of viable and safe treatment options for patient care. The following organizations (not excluded if not listed) are considered various forms of personalized integrative medicine, modalities and practices are eligible educational materials, content and practices for consideration this IRB; Anti-aging, Functional medicine, Orthomolecular medicine, Oxidative medicine, Generative medicine, Nutritional medicine, Homeopathic, Naturopathic Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Allopathic Medicine.

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By utilizing the latest in modern diagnostics, technologies, scientific literature and clinical experience, Unipathic Medicine provides important vital options at the highest level for complex cancers and chronic diseases. Unipathic Medicine brings forth the best targeted methods of allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic, integrative, alternative and functional medicines to offer one unified methodology involving the best combined philosophy, diagnosis and treatments available and ultimately customized treatment plans for each patient.