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unipathic_icon_croppedWhat is the Unipathic Difference?

Unipathic Medicine is an association dedicated to the education of personalized medicine, created by Dr. Dino Prato, N.M.D, and headed by a board of like-minded practicing physician members. Dr. Dino Prato is also the founder of Envita Medical Centers. Envita has been providing world class integrative care for the past 17 years, and after watching the rapid decline and pollution of this highly specialized field of medicine, Dr. Prato felt that something had to be done. Creating Unipathic Medicine was the best way for patients and practitioners alike to distinguish true integrative medical practice from the rest in the hopes of saving more lives. The goal is that in the future, the Unipathic medical model becomes part of mainstream medicine so that more patients have access to viable, research-based, personalized, and quality-controlled integrative medical care when it comes to the treatment and prevention of cancer and chronic disease.

Here’s how and why Unipathic Medicine came to be: As genetic testing, biomarkers, immune markers, infectious disease markers, and other specialized diagnostics became available, Unipathic physicians discovered that around 80% of the patients who were coming to them were on the wrong drugs and had been given the wrong treatments based on their specific condition and genetic make-up. But something else also happened while Unipathic physicians were running those in-depth diagnostics. They discovered new markers for disease that there were no treatment approaches for yet. Through the precise science of integrative medicine, the Unipathic physicians were able to find both drug and non-drug approaches to match these targets, and then deliver them in the proper sequence to achieve the desired outcome. But by then, their unique treatments and proprietary processes were being lumped in with everyone else from snake oil salesmen to small town alternative medical providers to big name hospitals that were all claiming to practice “integrative medicine.” But of course what others mean by “integrative medicine,” and what Unipathic physicians mean are two totally different things.

Unipathic Medicine combines the best 5% of the latest in personalized conventional medicine and the best 5% of research-based alternative medicine to offer the top 10% of available therapies worldwide for the treatment of cancer and chronic disease.

The majority of “integrative medicine” suffers from a lack of standards- including no quality control or support in the research data. When it comes to alternative medicine, only a small fraction is research-based and viable in the peer-reviewed data for the treatment of cancer and chronic disease. And when it comes to conventional medicine, only a fraction has moved beyond the one-size-fits all standard treatment regimes. The majority of the conventional medicine is not based on targeted and tailored drug delivery. Lastly, when it comes to truly “integrating” these two approaches, few do it effectively. Unipathic Medicine’s approach and technology is so completely unique and different that it required the creation of a new term. Unipathic Medicine is not just the practice of conventional and alternative medicine, but it is a new field in and of itself.

Unipathic Medicine combines the best 5% of the latest in personalized conventional medicine and the best 5% of research-based alternative medicine to offer the top 10% of available therapies worldwide for the treatment of cancer and chronic disease. Integrating the top 10% of treatments from across medical disciplines has enabled Unipathic doctors to provide patients with deeper diagnoses and a broader array of more specialized treatments, all of which is leading to better outcomes. Unipathic Medicine ensures that each patient is provided with the latest technologies, innovations, and diagnostics from around the world and from a variety of medical disciplines, and that those treatments are administered in a quality-controlled, synergistic, and unified manner. No practitioner or healthcare provider has done that yet. Unipathic doctors are the first, and nothing short of a new term would suffice to distinguish what they’re doing from the rest. The term “Unipathic” was coined because it best describes the treatment approach- to unify the most effective and targeted treatments from the conventional, naturopathic, allopathic, functional, and osteopathic medical fields into a singular and revolutionary model.


Integrative medicine may mean different things to many doctors and centers but Unipathic Medicine sets the highest scientific standards of quality control.

Setting Proper Standards in Integrative Medicine

Unipathic Medicine provides a sequential medical flow from every aspect of health care delivery form patient care, to understanding where disease originated and the changes necessary to bring about optimal health. So often healthcare and its practitioners as a whole will miss or ignore other methods, philosophies and technologies not available to them in the standard practices of conventional, complementary, allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic, integrative, functional and alternative medicines and unfortunately, patients often miss out on critical treatment options. Even though each discipline of medicine has its strengthens and weakness, often these various medical disciplines show even more vast differences in philosophies and modalities represented within each doctor’s training, hospital affiliation and medical center technology. Our quality control measures range from diagnostics to delivery of healthcare throughout the entire medical team.

With our unique expertise in medical management, all the while staying loyal to our concept of radical love and care, we surmount the oversight inherent in the conventional system. Health care today lacks “true international integration” due to failures of organization, political involvement, education, technology, staffing, training and most importantly lack of quality control. Unipathic Medicine can correct the problems found with the medical management flow to finally deliver the best of these disciplines in a unified and targeted method to treat the patient under the highest standards of quality control.


The Unipathic “Medical Blueprint” is needed to provide the patient suffering from cancer or chronic diseases with the best deeper diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan.

The Real Diagnosis: The Unipathic “Medical Blueprint”

Based on 17 years of clinical treatments and thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies, Unipathic Medicine provides in depth and full differential diagnosis (examples being: genomics, molecular profiling, metabolic markers, infection exposures, imaging, chemistries, heavy metal toxins, environmental toxins, genetic elimination pathways, removal of underlying causes of disease, nutritional analysis, immune status, endocrine imbalances, etc.) and these detailed findings create “the medical blueprint.” “The medical blueprint” identifies unique targets for each patient’s expression of disease that physicians can use to improve treatment. Often times proprietary treatment methods are constructed to help the patient achieve optimal health. This is particularly important for the treatment of late stage cancers and other chronic health conditions that require a higher level of medical care.


Unipathic treatment plans are unique to each individual patient.

Unipathic Treatment Plans

After the medical blueprint is established with a more in-depth analysis, the real diagnosis for each patient becomes apparent to physicians. Because many of the markers that are being tested for do not have standard treatment approaches, Unipathic Medicine has created comprehensive treatments and a unique delivery system to match each patient’s individual needs. This comprehensive approach helps physicians better treat their patients. It is not uncommon for integrative medicine and clinicians to use similar words to mean ultimately vastly different treatment approaches. Unipathic Medicine provides a sequential flow of treatment to help the patient achieve their health goals and to help physicians navigate proper treatment choices by using the highest level of quality control standards. In essence, the unique and more complete treatments are what sets Unipathic Medicine into a category of all its own and provides a much needed advantage for physicians to give patients the best care available for the prevention and treatment of cancer and chronic disease.

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