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Welcome to The Unipathic Medicine Association

Online Educational Association for Advanced Integrative & Personalized Medicine

Welcome to Unipathic Medicine sponsored by Vertisis Custom Compounding Pharmacy, an association that welcomes MD's, DO's, ND's and licensed health care professionals everywhere to excel in the field of advanced IV, injectable, and overall integrative personalized medicine. This educational association provides 3 essential tools for the ongoing educational success and practice of integrative medicine.

The Unipathic Association Provides:

  • Category 1 AMA PRA CME’s for MD's DO's and NMD's via online platform (in process)
  • International IRB for the practice of Integrative medicine (in process)
  • High-yield content library for fast-track medical practice integration (Active)


    This activity is planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). Applications for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit and Naturopathic Physician CE are in process.

Meet our Unipathic Board

First is a board of diverse medical members that provide extensive experience in advanced integrative clinical practices. All course material for CME content is reviewed and approved based on scientific published data for efficacy, safety data, and medical ethics.

Second is an IRB board dedicated to the safe practice of integrative medicine. Focusing on helping patients and doctors achieve best practices, Unipathic association accomplishes IRB approved treatments options.

Unipathic online platform provides a high-yield, advanced, integrative, and personalized medical training community at your fingertips. Unipathic courses look to grow and expand your practice of IV, injectable, and diagnostic modalities. Unipathic medicine was built out of a desperate need to fill the gaps of integrative medicine for practitioners at every level. This organization was assembled out of a demand from numerous clinicians for good practices and simple straight forward training.


Dino Prato NMD

Dr. Prato is a naturopathic medical doctor licensed in Hawaii, Vermont, and Montana who is passionate about helping patients overcome illness using research-based strategies. He founded Envita Medical Centers, Vertisis Pharmacy, and Unipathic Medicine. He is a faith-filled crusader determined to expand integrative medicine and help patients overcome complex diseases. Now Dr. Prato is focused on helping as many doctors as possible bring advanced integrative and highly targeted personalized medicine into their practice to help their patients.

Brian Harrison

Brian began over a decade ago as a bio-medical animator working alongside Dr. Prato to build mechanism of action content that explain targets for integrative medical treatments. He excelled in system operations and business development, making him a pioneer in innovating technology and business operations regarding integrative medicine. Brian is the current COO for Envita Medical Centers, President of Vertisis Pharmacy, and co-developer of Unipathic Medicine.

Having a vast clinically experienced team, strong pharmacy knowledge, and FDA experience are all vital to the success of our formula, and we have spent the last 2 decades building this knowledge. We have already accomplished much, from delivering over 50,000 infusions a year in the medical center using advanced integrative compounds, to getting FDA clinical drug trial approval, operating a state of the art 503A compounding pharmacy, along with establishing and running IRB's. What we share is not theory but real-life application of proven techniques and we want to share our knowledge with you so that more patients can be helped. We measure our success by how many people's lives we can improve and impact, both patient's and doctor's.

Providing this platform requires the combination of clinical experience, the existing body of clinical evidence, a modern compounding pharmacy, R&D of innovative drugs and medical treatments, researcher writers and an advanced team of computer technology specialists. It is a time consuming and labor intensive exercise of technology and application of cutting-edge medical knowledge and we are honored to bring these resources to you.

Meet our Key Technical Team Members

Our Journey

2001 - 2004
  • '01Dr. Prato founded Envita Medical Center, focused on treating late stage cancer, chronic diseases, Lyme disease and autoimmune disease using targeted IV therapeutics
  • '02Prato began training other physicians in advanced integrative IV therapeutics
  • '02 - '04Envita went through three office expansions to handle influx of new patient care

In 2001 Envita Medical Center opened its doors. Envita is an advanced integrative facility (NMD, DO, MDH, MD on the team) with a focus on providing a highly personalized treatment for chronic diseases, Lyme disease, and cancer. Strong innovative personalized protocols were developed using modern technology, patient specific targets, and integrative treatments with an emphasis on IV treatment and enhancing patient outcomes.

(From the Start, Patient Care and Outcomes Has Been the Focus)

2004 - 2009
  • '04We started the development of autologous natural killer cell and dendritic cell vaccines for late-stage cancer
  • '05Began administering biologics vaccine to cancer patients
  • '06Received warning letter from FDA
  • '06Created in-depth consent forms for patient safety with FDA counsel
  • '08Received official FDA approval for phase 1 clinical drug trial for the autologous natural killer cell vaccine
  • '08Established in-house IRB/protocols and SOP’s for treatments
  • '09Provided educational video content for nationally televised program Stand Up For Cancer

With an emphasis on improving cancer patient outcomes, Envita developed an Autologous Adoptive immunotherapy of natural killer and dendritic cells to use the immune system to fight cancer and infections and initiated an immunology cellular biologics division. Envita was approved for a Phase 1 Clinical drug trial. Pioneering the science of Integrative medicine with the first Phase One Clinical Drug Trial for the treatment of cancer with Naturopathic physicians as part of the clinical investigation team.

(R&D, Advancing the Field and Understanding Federal Regulations at our Roots)

2010 - 2011
  • '10We opened an international facility to develop various immunotherapy vaccines and moved biologics facility to Mexico, keeping US and FDA standards for SOP’s and treatment safety
  • '11Established New Cancer Immunotherapy treatment facility in partnership with University of Senora and CIMA hospital in Hermosillo, Mexico

To advance patient outcomes through faster development and deployment of therapy targets, several exciting partnerships were developed. This lead to an international partnership with Professors and Physicians to develop an international biologics laboratory own and operated by Envita.

(International Partnerships and Team Building)

  • '12Began consulting for multiple integrative medical practices
  • '12Significantly improved medical care and operations for integrative physicians
  • '12Began assisting medical doctors with medical board complaints regarding the use of integrative medicine

By request of other physicians and out of a desire to help more patients and physicians, Integrative Management LLC was formed.

(Teaching, Training, and a Strong Legal Understanding at our Core)

2013 - 2015
  • '13Envita averages 50,000 treatments per year
  • '14 - '16Prato and colleagues published 13 peer-reviewed papers promoting the practice of integrative medicine
  • '15Established the Unipathic Association to help train physicians and improve personalized medicine

Published several peer-reviewed summary studies in the fields of cancer, Lyme disease, integrative agents (Curcumin, Quercetin, Ozone for chronic disease, etc.) with the goal of advancing integrative medicine.

Established vast clinical safety data on IV treatments, agents, and other personalized integrative treatments.

(Steeped in Published Literature and Clinical Safety Data)

2015 - 2016
  • '15Vertisis began the process of developing a sterile national compounding 503A pharmacy in response to FDA guidelines
  • '16Vertisis established a purpose-built facility and specialized staff for R&D in advanced integrative compounding

With the knowledge gained from consulting and developing for outside clinics, as well as within the organization and legal changes in compounding, the need for integrative physicians to have a reliable pharmacy partner became apparent. Vertisis was developed and designed with purpose-built USP 797 and USP 800 clean rooms to better serve integrative physicians with a focus on safety, innovation and R&D.

(Expertise in Drug Development, Federal Regulations and Innovative Formulations)

  • '17Unipathic Medicine partnered with AHIMA to help MD’s and DO’s attain integrative licenses and training
  • '17Formed its educational review board and IRB board for patient safety and efficacy
  • Provided pharmaceutical training workshops with local medical school
  • '17Vertisis became the official sponsor of the Unipathic Medicine Educational Platform
  • '17In house residency program was initiated for optimal training of clinicians

Unipathic Medicine is established as an innovative, research-based, personalized medicine online/mobile platform. Bringing together important high yield educational cited content to the for front. Through IRB, CME and an easy to use platform ensuring doctors have access to the latest diagnostics and treatments in personalized medicine, Unipathic Medicine is designed to help improve patient outcomes and safety.

(Modernizing and Expanding Personalized Medical Education)

This is only the beginning. The future is exciting, and personalized, integrative medicine is transforming the world of healthcare because of patient demand. We want to personally welcome you to our community and wish you all the best success and healing in your practice.

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About Us
By utilizing the latest in modern diagnostics, technologies, scientific literature and clinical experience, Unipathic Medicine provides important vital options at the highest level for complex cancers and chronic diseases. Unipathic Medicine brings forth the best targeted methods of allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic, integrative, alternative and functional medicines to offer one unified methodology involving the best combined philosophy, diagnosis and treatments available and ultimately customized treatment plans for each patient.