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Welcome to Unipathic Medicine: The Practice of Medicine at its Finest

Unipathic Medicine is an educational association with a revolutionary online platform for advanced integrative medicine. The Unipathic Medicine association provides innovative fast-track learning tools encompassing everything from high-yield cited content to dynamic video presentations. The educational courses offered by Unipathic Medicine unify the best research-based treatments from a variety of medical disciplines to safeguard patients. This advanced methodology serves to provide viable treatment and adjunctive care options for patients with cancer or chronic disease as well as those seeking the highest level of personalized preventive integrative medicine.

The goal of the Unipathic Medicine association is to provide healthcare professionals with impactful high-yield content and tools for daily practice. The platform covers a variety of topics from the latest in diagnostics, specialized intravenous and injectable treatments, and medical business strategies to help doctors grow their practice. Unipathic Medicine applies peer-reviewed research with decades of treatment experience and pharmaceutical knowledge to help physicians create a unique medical blueprint for each patient using highly personalized treatments. The more tools and treatments you learn to utilize, the more you can help your patients. The better you implement good business practices the faster your practice grows. It’s that simple.

Our research-based and quality-controlled educational platform ensures that from diagnostics to treatment, only the best conventional and natural approaches are employed at the right times, in the right sequence, and in the most efficacious ways to deliver powerful treatment options for your patients. The training offered by Unipathic Medicine in genomics, molecular profiling, in-depth diagnostics, and more ensures that each patient gets access to the most viable options in your practice.

Unipathic Medicine is working to help your medical practice succeed and provide advanced integrative care. Whether you practice naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, orthomolecular medicine, oxidative medicine, environmental medicine, generative medicine or others you can form your own customized treatments for your patients using our methods. Once you understand a treatment and its mechanisms or diagnostic tools, then you can implement care as you see fit.  It is our goal to provide you the tools and certifications necessary so you can design advanced medical treatment plans for your patients and your practice.

The term Unipathic medicine was created to unify all doctors regardless of their training under one umbrella of advanced personalized integrative medicine. To put it simply, it’s like having the best integrative medical conferences pre-curated for time saving implementation available at your figure tips. And yes, we are always working to add category 1 CME’s so you can receive continuing educational hours and certificates of completion. Our commitment is to help you help your patients outperform while growing a successful integrative medical practice. We encourage skilled integrative practitioners to collaborate with Unipathic Medicine and grow their educational audience.     

Unipathic Medicine: The Precise Science of Integrative Medicine

There is a delicate and precise clinical science behind educating doctors in the practice of integrative medicine. It’s called, “get to the point so I can start using these treatments in my practice.” It all starts with access to specialized and in-depth diagnostic testing for your patients. The next step is the development of a personalized treatment plan, which includes having knowledge about the mechanisms of a treatment modality and knowing which integrative treatments you should choose to implement. The last step in the educational process of integrative medicine is knowing how to administer these treatments with considerations for the timing, sequence, and method of delivery.

Every doctor is different and we understand approaches are unique in each office, however having a strong foundation in the intravenous and injectable medicines, treatment protocols, and diagnostic methods can help you become more confident, increase your tool belt and choose the best path for your patients with often better options.

Unipathic doctors ensure that each patient is provided with the latest technologies, innovations, and diagnostics from around the world from a variety of medical disciplines, and that those treatments are administered in a quality-controlled, synergistic, and unified manner. Welcome to our educational community sponsored by Vertisis Custom Compounding Pharmacy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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